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North Sutherland Energy Efficiency Advice Project


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North Sutherland Energy Efficiency Advice Project



Save money by reducing your energy and food bills



Residents who live in the North Coast Sutherland area can receive impartial, free advice and information on:

  • Ways to reduce your energy use

Heating your home efficiently and affordably


  How to control dampness and condensation


Accessing grants and loans


Draught proofing and insulation


Switching tariffs or energy supplier


Resolving disputes with your energy supplier


Fuel Debt


We are also offering the opportunity to receive a FREE loan of an energy cost meter so that you can monitor your own electricity usage.




Would you also like to save money on your food bill?


As part of this project you can also receive a FREE Kitchen Canny.



The kitchen canny is a practical kit which shows you how much food you waste,

helps you to reduce this with planning, shopping, storage and cooking tips and

saves you time, money and effort.


For further information or to book an appointment for a home visit please contact:

North Sutherland Energy Efficiency Advice Project

Tel: 07736343609


Email Angela